TIGER CLUB: Transformational coach Helena Day on creating the life that you want

TIGER CLUB: Transformational coach Helena Day on creating the life that you want

Bali-based coach Helena Day shares how inner work has been her most powerful tool in creating a life of joy.
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To launch Tiger Club, transformational coach Helena Day shares how inner work has been her most powerful tool in creating a life of joy. Now based in Bali with her family, the mother-of-two  has built an incredible coaching business, working with women to uncover their gifts, anchor themselves to their truth and values, and harness their personal power.

And she embodies all of this herself – through commitment to her own growth.

My lightbulb moment happened in 2013, but it was really the final of many, many moments…
It was my ‘now or never’. I had been in the corporate world for many years in communications, but I felt really constrained and tried so many different things to appease an inner knowing that things could be better. I knew I could carry on as usual and things would be okay, but I was also becoming a mother and I knew that I wanted to be in a different place in life for my children. It was as if a Holy Grail was waiting for me, and if I didn’t make significant changes I was never going to get there.

I didn’t know I was going to be a coach. I just knew that there was something more for me…
Even when I was doing my training I didn’t know this was going to be a whole new career. I think this is where many people get stuck: they wait for that moment of ‘knowing’ so they can shift. I never had that experience – I had to try different things on and see how they fit for me. I didn’t even sign up for the complete coaching certification – but when I started, I realised this was what I was meant to do for my own growth. 

I couldn’t stop. I started training with people all over the world in hypnotherapy, neuroscience and breathwork… I was learning somatics and the body and nervous system regulation. It all fit into the puzzle I wanted to solve: how can we rewire ourselves to live a life that feels so good?

I can honestly say that every single morning I wake up feeling so thankful that this is my life.  I am so thankful that I had the courage – because it takes a lot of courage – to step off the tried and tested route.


That step into the unknown – especially when starting a business – is scary…
Especially the financial step. I lived with my husband in Singapore for 10 years before we moved to Bali and it was like a rebirth. This was the next step in my journey of courage: it involved my husband leaving a long career in finance and me stepping into the role of breadwinner for the family. It was a whole different ball game, even for our relationship, and required a new level of courage and commitment because this is where we want to live as a family.

I feel like my purpose is to inspire other people, because there will be moments in life that require that kind of courage. It’s okay to feel a little terrified and we can never fully know what’s on the other side – but there’s so much beauty and growth along the way.

You have to ask yourself: ‘What do you desire?’ And is it so magnetic that it’s worth going through rocky periods along the way? What you want doesn’t need to be super clear, but you do need to know your values and if you’re honouring them. 

Once you’re clear about your values and what you desire, then this becomes so much stronger than any struggle.


Entrepreneurship requires a balance of intuition and strategy…
You need to draw on your masculine and feminine sides: the feminine being the surrender to your soul’s path, and the masculine being structure. For me, it started by tuning in: I knew, intuitively, that my current world wasn’t aligned to my highest values. Of course, it does take structure and procedures to run a business smoothly, and I have a team to help me do this.

There can be a beautiful dance between structure and intuition –and  I believe that in order to create success with ease and flow, you need both.

To find out more or connect with Helena you can reach her at:

Helen Day | Subconscious Master Coach

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Article written by Selina Altomonte